Bulk Fuel

When your operation relies on bulk fuel storage and transportation, Alkan is the obvious choice to meet your needs. We have invested in the equipment and technology required to move your fuel efficiently and cleanly.
Alkan Air is proud to utilize state of the art, award winning fuel bladders designed and engineered by SEI Industries. The Bulk Aviation Transport Tank (BATT) is the world’s first collapsible, double-walled, baffled transportation tank that allows Alkan Air to safely carry bulk fuel to remote sites by aircraft.

The BATT tank is the first fuel transportation system since the 45 Gallon Drum to be used without special permits. It allows us to move more fuel, more efficiently and with less man power. Once the job is done, the BATT can be rolled up and stowed. This increases aircraft utilization for our customers and saves them money. For an Operational Cost Analysis of the BATT versus drums, click here.

In addition to the BATT tank, Alkan Air has all the equipment, expertise and knowhow required for a “turnkey” bulk fuel operation:

  • 4 Bulk Aviation Transport Tanks
  •  Spark Arresting Pumps certified for use with flammable liquids
  •  Industrial fuel metering with auto shut off
  •  Dry Lock Quick Disconnect fittings for all fuel transfer points eliminate fuel spills during transfers
  •  Gas Powered High Capacity Compressors to operate pneumatic fuel valves
  •  Various diameter fuel hoses and fittings for any possible configuration
  •  Mobile mini fuel berms for equipment and connections
  •  Fuel Filter System for remote aircraft fuelling
  •  Emergency Response Fuel Spill Kits
  •  Mobile Remote Site Security Options
  •  Employee Bulk Fuel Ground Training Program