Employment with Alkan Air Ltd.

Leading Together


Thank you to our employee Rory Allen for his development of these videos.

Alkan Air Ltd. has a dedicated, highly skilled workforce that has a proven foundation built on mutual respect. Each employee brings a unique perspective and has made an immeasurable and essential contribution to help achieve our goals. We go above and beyond, not just for our clients, but for our employee’s as well.


Alkan Air is focused on creating an inclusive and respectful workplace, with a focus on work-life balance to help enjoy the great outdoors. As an employee with Alkan Air Ltd., you will experience a family-like environment that is focused on helping each other succeed. Alkan Air prides itself on its training program and growing employee’s from within the company.

Come work with Alkan and join our family!


Employee Programs:

At Alkan Air, we are continually evaluating our compensation scheme as well as our comprehensive benefits package(s) to serve our employees better. We are pleased to offer the following benefits for employees:

  • Air North Standby Agreement
  • Enhanced Health/Dental Vision Plan
  • Matching Graduated Pension Program
  • Annual Cost of Living Adjusment
  • Commonly hiring for AME’s and Pilots
  • Rotational Schedules available